Monday, December 31, 2012

Surface to Air 2012 Retrospective

Today Surface to Air celebrates its one-year anniversary. The site was originally founded to share lessons learned guiding discerning listeners in the transition from the physical music past to the weightless digital future. But over the course of 2012, our focus broadened to join the discussion on the many social and business issues surrounding the evolution of music.
I have often been asked what is the editorial stance of Surface to Air. With a year's worth of writing behind me, I can safely answer that this site stands for three things: 1) good science; 2) solid technique; and 3) reasoned opinion. That said, here is our 2012 index.

Good Science:

Solid Technique:

Reasoned Opinion:
But sometimes, articles are simply human interest stories:
Thanks for reading. Looking forward to continuing the conversation in 2013 and beyond.

             Vinyl-to-Digital Restoration #49            

Artist: Andy Williams
Title: The Andy Williams Christmas Album
Genre: Vocal/Christmas
Year: 1963

Among my many $1 estate sale finds in 2012 was this Christmas classic. Opened, but still in its shrink wrap, its pristine condition implied it could not have been played more than once or twice. This title may be the cleanest used record I ever bought and a welcome addition to the weightless digital holiday collection.

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