Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Surface to Air

To celebrate a coming of age at In Aurem A2D, we're making some changes.

First, we're unveiling our cool new logo.

[Logo design: Janet Raugust, Chicago IL]

Second, the blog formerly known as In Aurem (In One Ear ...) is now Surface to Air. New name, same commitment to good science, solid technique and reasoned opinion. The name Surface to Air succinctly captures our central mission: triangulating among relevant topics and trends at the intersection of the analog music past and the weightless digital future.

Chances are, you've arrived via one of the posts republished at Music Think Tank, originally appearing here as: How Vinyl and iPods Ganged Up to Kill the Audio CD; What Can You Do When Your Dreams Come True, and It's Not Quite Like You Planned; Can the Cloud Satisfy an Army of Musical Bit Snobs?; and Decide What to Be and Go Be It.

You also might be interested in how we skewered some of the Mastered for iTunes hysteria, discussed how to achieve quality, and confronted the question, how many bits in infinity? And we frequently offer advice on ephemeralizing physical analog media to high-resolution digital with an emphasis on preserving numeric integrity and fidelity to the original.

So, if this is your first visit, feel free to check out some of more popular posts or browse through the archive. And thank you for your continued readership.

            Vinyl-to-Digital Restoration #29           

Artist: Van Morrison
Title: A Period of Transition
Genre: Rock
Year: 1977

From "Still, like any period of transition, this is somewhat tentative and uneven, with its best moments being, at best, minor masterpieces. Yet there's a charm to the album Morrison and co-producer Mac Rebennack have made, a laid-back organic feel that may not be exciting but it's inviting -- all the more so when it's seen as the transitional effort it is." Not unlike this blog piece.

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