Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fireworks are Hailin' over Little Eden Tonight

It's time for our next Surface to Air Full Circle music challenge.

You know the drill. (Connection between our game and the WDET-FM Music Head fundraiser is in our first challenge.) Starting with a particular song, chart a path along associated metadata to create a connected playlist; but at some point, you have to reverse course and return along a different metadata path to arrive full circle back at the starting song, in "about an hour" of running time. Bonus points if you only use songs from your personal library.

[Image: Detroit-Windsor fireworks.]

That bonus may get harder to achieve over time, if the trend continues away from music ownership and personal libraries to music access and personal playlists via streaming services. What is your relationship with music?

To celebrate Independence Day in the USA, our starting/ending song is Bruce Springsteen's "Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)."

Full-size table here. Annotated table with metadata associations here.

The list clocks in at one hour, seven seconds. Pretty good, I think — close enough to exactly an hour to probably be within the margin of error on the reported running time of the tracks.

Happy 4th of July!

             Vinyl-to-Digital Restoration #37             

Artist: Weather Report
Title: Heavy Weather
Genre: Jazz
Year: 1977

Heavy Weather was the first full album for Weather Report featuring bassist Jaco Pastorius. It registered significant sales upon initial release, and monster numbers for a jazz album. It even produced a hit single "Birdland,"now considered a landmark in the jazz-rock, or fusion, movement of the 1970s. I saw Weather Report on the Heavy Weather tour at the Royal Oak Theater in suburban Detroit. Even though concert start was delayed more than three hours due to a storm-induced power failure, the show went on.

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